The works, interests, and details concerning the life of a practicing brujo.
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Current altar. Petitioning Tsathoggua for assistance in matters of prosperity. A money toad statuette with a stump is used to represent the frog-faced deity. His stump is filled with a vial of gold flakes wrapped in “blood-soaked” prayer paper spelling out my request and terms of the petition, covered in dried marigold flowers. An image of death watches over the proceedings from two perspectives, the back left corner and directly above the representation of Tsathoggua. May he smile upon my favor. 


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Folk Magic/Rootworker Network




It needs to happen. Who wants in? I thought it’d be pretty neat to see how our practices differ (and end up being similar).

YUSSSS and we can do it so it doesn’t become shit show circle jerk like some of the other networks for rootworkers out there :P

I’m all for it 

Would love for this to be a thing. I would totally be interested in this.